Meet Rush

Before moving to Ghana, Rush served in the United States Navy, worked as an accountant for KPMG in New York City, and was a trader on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2019 Rush was determined to return to his homeland and embrace the many opportunities and incredible lifestyle that Ghana has to offer. He has since started many local businesses, built a house, acquired residential and commercial land, settled land disputes and has learned all the ins and outs of being successful.

Rush genuinely enjoys helping others have an easier experience relocating to Ghana . His network of trusted partners are available to help with anything you may need, from design, construction and solar systems, to land acquisition, and everything in between. Rush will direct you to the right people, and your investment will be protected. Without proper guidance, many newcomers to Ghana often find themselves in unfortunate situations. Choose the safer path, talk to Rush and get the critical knowledge you need to live your best life in Ghana

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