Why I Left America For Ghana

I left America, not because it was terrible for me. Yes, America has its issues, but the main reasons why I left America are as follows. 

God, Divine, the universe, however, you want to put it; That small voice within was telling me to move to Ghana. As strange as it might sound, this urge was not something I could not listen to. 

I felt like Ghana needs me more than America. I felt like I could make a bigger impact back home.

I felt a strong sense of moral obligation to come to Ghana to start businesses to employ people. If I end up making 100 or more people’s lives better, my goal is accomplished.

I wanted to solve the problem of people sending money back home for construction and getting screwed. I wanted to be the trusted link through my company Akkadian Limited. Akkadian Limited was founded by Bismark Oduro and Rush Asare in 2020. Here are some of its services: Architecture, construction, land sales, solar, interior design, furniture, and many more.

I wanted to build a gym in Ghana.

I want to do charity and help as many people as I could and I want to be hands-on. 

I felt like there are far way more opportunities in Ghana for me than in America. Entrepreneurship in Africa is a no-brainer. Especially if you’ve been exposed to the Western world.

I wanted to be a case study for many more people to follow the same course.

I want to raise my kids in a big house and expose them to nature. I want them to grow up with their culture and family, not a daycare.

 I love Ghana. I simply love Ghana more than America. I was not the guy who was struggling in America. I did very well for myself there. Despite some deadly police encounters, I was thriving as a black man in America. I was willing to outwork the system. I made it through whatever I wanted.